Assalaamu alaykum dear readers,

I know I’ve been terrible with posting this holiday and I am aware that people are wanting to know what is going on, but with a critical family member and lots of craziness, it’s a miracle that I was able to post at all.
Please bear with me a little longer till life gets a little more on track. You can expect the next post within a day or two and I will try and be more punctual when I am finally available. I do understand that the story line is dragging on, but as soon as I start writing again, it will come to a conclusion. Insha Allah.

JazakAllah for your understanding and for not all going crazy on me for being such a terrible blogger.

Was Salaam

5 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. May Allah make everything easy for you and grant shifa to all those who are sick.
    No I don’t feel is dragging. I love your writing. It’s awesome the way you add you lessons in while still making the story entertaining.

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