Epilogue: Part Two: Nabeela’s New Life

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

It is mentioned in various narrations that Nabi (SAW) had a different kind of passion  in his actions when it came to the month of Ramadan. It is said that when it came to his good deeds, he was more generous than that fast wind, and he held nothing back. That all he did was with extra ambition, and a certain fervor. That every good deed he (SAW) aspired for was done with a certain zest, that could never compare to any other time of the year.

For us, Ramadhaan came and Ramadhaan went. Year in and year out. And through your out our ambitions and aspirations, I hoped with every hope that it had come not only for Ramadhaan, but for life. That every minute  I had made such good use of, would change the rest of the year.

And of course, like the racehorse sprints toward the finish line, he doesn’t just stop right there. He moves past it still with full momentum, because the ferocity of his racing speed sent him way past where he needed to be. And likewise, Ramadhaan had come with such a momentum that we all found ourselves anxious to see what lay ahead. Anxious to know how far we will carry out our good deeds.

I couldn’t believe how quickly it had come, and left us again. I couldn’t believe that another Ramadhaan might have already passed us without us having taken full advantage of the blessed month. I actually couldn’t believe that my Nikah had already taken place just a month ago, and now it was time for me to officially start my new life.

I took a deep breath as I let reality sink in.

Ramadhaan was over, a sense of anxiety enveloped as I got ready for what was next to come. As I braced myself for my new home and family. As I got ready to meet my husband under less formal circumstances than before.

With everything so fairytale-like, Ramadhaan was like a dream that I didn’t want to end, and a certain restlessness filled within when I thought of the year ahead. Ramadhaan came to transform our pointless lives once again, and I could feel myself drifting away from its sanctuary now that reality was closing in once again.

“Are you ready?”

I turned slightly, my hand just slightly shaking due to my slight uneasiness. It was the first time that we would be going to see Ziyaad’s family together, and after that, I was expected to start settling into my new home. The whole delivery a month after worked perfectly for us because of Ramadhaan, but the anticipation made our meeting even more nerve-wrecking.  The fact that Ziyaad had been away in Ithikaaf made us even more aware of each other. It was just so strange that I actually missed him. It was even strange to actually be married.

I momentarily remembered that chubby little girl I had been, just about two years ago. So uncertain. So confused. How the time had flew… how I had become someone completely new. Through every experience, I had evolved. That was what life was about though, wasn’t it?

Change. Taking that first step. Taking the plunge. And right there, before my eyes, was the person who knew it the most.

“Let’s go,” he said to me, peeping through the doorway as I pinned my hijab and tied my niqaab. A step I had take this Ramadhaan, as my journey to being better too.

He smiled easily, and small creases were visible near his eyes.

Yes, from when I had first seen him, Ziyaad had changed… but it wasn’t only his life. He looked completely different too. A little older. A little happier. More mature. A little less rough around the edges.

I smiled back at him, following him to the car, but slightly less confident as I had felt all these days. Although I knew what I now was… what I had meant to him, I still couldn’t believe it. When he had told me that our marriage had put his past to rest for a better outlook in life… I was so glad that at least he felt that he had some hope. And the fact that he had brought his past out in the open was the best thing to put my own fears to rest. I hated to be in the dark. At least I knew about everything now.

Yes, he had made mistakes. Plenty. But what counted was that at least he had tried to do the right thing. He had tried to make it right. And of course, it wasn’t easy, but he had persevered.

Coming from where he had come… I didn’t think that it would be possible to get to where he was.

He had given up the world for the sake of Deen. He had made it this far, and he was only hoping to see how far he could go from here. And like that race horse that we are in the month of Ramadhaan…. who flies past the finish line… that was now his life.

Every waking day, and every single moment. Like we feel ourselves straining when we are trying to achieve the best… when we push ourselves to the limits… day in and day out- that was his life. From that moment he had heard the Adhaan in one of his the darkest days… He was trying to be better. Trying to make himself worthy.

And yes, it wasn’t easy. He didn’t know how he had become so lucky, but this was, from where he had come, in fact, something of a miracle. And miracles are nothing but Divine. A beautiful sign that once in a while, they do happen.

I sucked in my breath now as the car hit the free-way, thinking to myself in amazement.

We forget, sometimes, in the lull of our lives, the greatest signs that may be right in front of our eyes. We get too caught up to realise how sucked in by this world we are. We never stop to think about how much Allah is waiting for us to make that small change. To make a little difference. To submit to Him… To prove our love to Him.

And then of course, when He chooses us to and we turn to Him, and give Him our everything… Not only do we feel His love, but we see it all around us. Through those eyes, the world is more beautiful… more magical. We make every wrong, right, because we want to feel His love… The magic that we are striving to find, in this race for the world.

And things were pretty good as we drove along, stealing glances at each other, excited about this new life that lay ahead. It was like a dream that we never thought would come true.

But we also knew that it was no life if it wasn’t in the obedience of our Lord. Things were pretty peachy, but no, it wasn’t a fairy tale, but we all had that little bit of faith. And faith was a funny thing.

Of course, things will happen. Whatever is in the plan, will definitely never miss us. People will change. Love can die. Everyone will, eventually leave, and go alone on their path back to their Lord.

But for now, all we had to do was be the best we can. Make the most of the life we’ve been given today, and live it in the best way we can. Be grateful for the gift of Imaan we have, and show it’s beauty the way we live each day.

Here it was. Right here. As the car stopped at my eldest brother-in-laws new house, and I looked at Ziyaad in anticipation, I realised exactly what our purpose here was. Not to get to caught up.  To make our tomorrow. Not the one here, but the one that will last… The one where there is no death.

The test, you see, was right now. Even when things were good. Even when we feel that right now, they can’t get much better. Things were pretty peachy, but no, it wasn’t a Disney animation film. There weren’t any pianos playing or birds singing or confetti falling from the sky… And there will definitely be days when the laughter and romance is completely dead.

But faith is a funny thing. Once in while, we have a little faith. We enjoy the beauty. Drink in the magic. Soak up the sun. And of course, feel the miracle of life and love that Allah placed within us, today.

Yes, it wont last forever, but maybe… Just for today… Maybe it will stay.

Part two of three… Im so sorry for the dealy! InshaAllah, hoping to post next by Saturday!

Don’t forget!

Let’s practice our SUNNAH InshaAllah! More Sunnah of eating:


We tend to stand and eat/drink. Let’s consciously make an effort to sit, even if it’s on the floor, while we are enjoying our food.

*Eating with three fingers.*

The Sunnah is to eat with three fingers;
eating with more than three fingers is a sign of greed and is bad manners,
there is no need for more than three in order to gather up a morsel.
If it is necessary to use more than three,
the food is light and cannot be gathered in three fingers, then he may use the fourth or fifth.

*See Fath al-Baari, 9/578*

Practice, share and earn multiple rewards in shaa Allah.

SubhaanAllah. Let’s try and observe the Sunnah Duaas of eating InshaAllah.



#Revive theSunnahofSpeakingGood




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9 thoughts on “Epilogue: Part Two: Nabeela’s New Life

  1. MashaAllah, there are so many beneficial lessons in each of your posts. I am sad this blog is ending, hope that you start the next one soon.
    Jazakillah for the sunnah reminders also.


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  2. Jazaakillaah for the lovely post, filled with reminders.
    So happy to see Zee and Nabeela together, hope they have a marriage filled with khair and barakah.
    Sad the blog is coming to an end but hope you will start a new blog to continue inspiring us InShaa ALLAAH

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  3. Slmz hope u well. Just want to say I really enjoy reading ur blog. I am on a whatsapp group called Blog time where admin post completed blogs especially for the ladies who have data problems and who don’t have FB accounts. I would like to ask ur permission to post ur completed blog on the group. If u would like I can have u added to the group as well. Jzk

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