Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem


Like the transcending drops of rain that fall so freely from the sky, there will be  people whom Allah’s mercy will literally rain on, in the Hereafter. The way it was described when I had first heard it had made my heart leap with joy. There was so much of ambition in it’s meaning…. such unapologetic splendor in its promise.

And those two qualities are that which have no argument. Besides the first type, who are those who keep fast for the pleasure of Allah, are those who have beautiful patience amidst the trials that befall them. They will, undoubtedly, be of the intensely favored.

And of course, right now, I could imagine exactly why.

Patience is hard. It’s really hard. And then there’s Sabr-e-Jameel. Beautiful patience, like beautiful Yusuf (AS) and his father, is on another level completely. Sometimes you feel like you can no longer withstand it, and all patience has seized, as if you’ve broken, and that’s it. And then Allah suddenly grants you strength to endure whatever comes your way.

Because then comes faith. Faith is a funny thing. Life isn’t always fair. Terrible things happen…. People get raw deals. Justice is sometimes a far-fetched notion. Tawakkul is like a superpower; once you completely rely upon Allah to bring you through anything, to help you, to make you a way out, to heal you – you feel the end to the drought, the calm in the storm, the sweetness in your tears. The simple fact is this; Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.

Allah does not burden a soul more than it can bear.”

My mind processed the words again that Aunty Radiyyah had said with such conviction, after a telling me the story of how slander can be lifted, and justice had prevailed,  that I could not help but believe her. Of course it was true. Of course Allah knew my limits.

I knew Aunty Radiyyah would be the one to lift my spirits again. So splendidly she had worded the story of the slander of Aisha RA, and at the end I couldn’t help but weep in utter despair, just as the beloved wife of my Nabi (SAW) had done when she had found out, as if her heart was literally breaking. But now… now it had been a week since I left Aunty Radiyyah’s home that day with hope in my heart and the knowledge of truth that Allah can alleviate every sorrow in the depths of a soul.

Every day it got better. Every day held a new hope. Life would continue and things would get back to normal. Eventually…. I knew the truth with somehow prevail. The patience that it took while waiting… well, that was what tore me apart.

It was on a fairly warm day later that following week, that I knelt down on my knees, as my bare hand dug deep into the dewey earth, and tossed my last batch of seeds listlessly into the hole Danyaal had ever-so-carefully dug. The time had come to visit my favorites. No sooner had we covered it, did a single drop of moisture plop on my covered head, almost as if it was waiting for us to finish, and of course, just in time. At first, I wasn’t sure if it was real.

I reached out in hesitation as my hand felt the onset of the scattering of moisture, and the presence of the long awaited rain that we hadn’t felt for over two months. It made my heart soar. Being in the inner most part of Southern Africa often brought harsh winters, but the worst parts were the dryness that simply inundated us for weeks on end. The welcome drizzle was most gratifying, and I breathed it in with an ardent longing.

It reminded me of the mercy of Allah that those of Sabr are so solemnly promised. Waiting… yearning… accepting… and hoping for that release from whatever it is that is hurting or causing discomfort… it was a reward insurmountable.

I soaked it in, lifting my dress slightly and inhaling the fresh scent of almost-spring rains, reveling in its glory for a few seconds before the downpour would inevitably commence.

It was sheer bliss.


It was Dayyaan’s voice that rang out from the other side of the garden, and Danyaal smiled and looked at me as he heard it.

“I think he must have felt the rain,” I smiled with my arm stretched out, amused as Dayyaan trudged up to us in a huff, with a disgruntled look on his face.

“Its only water,” I said, trying to conceal my amusement.

“Yes, but now my gloves are getting all wet!”

Dayyaan had been gifted a full-on gardening set for Eid, and from what I had heard, it was the best thing his mother had ever got him.

“Did you finish your seeds?” Danyaal asked him, packing away his own tools.

“Luckily I did,” Dayyaan said, pulling off his gear and hastily retreating to the shed so he could put his kit away. He was mumbling to himself about the silly rain spoiling our gardening day, and it made me want to giggle.

By nature, Dayyaan was quite a character. Where Danyaal spoke softly and always thought carefully, Dayyaan was always delightfully vocal and sometimes had random outbursts. Despite their characters, Danyaals gentle features and light hair looked almost gold in the outside light, whilst Dayyaan’s sharp nose and jet black hair was a direct contrast. The two boys were world’s apart, and sometimes as I watched them together, I sometimes found it hard to believe that they were actually brothers.

Dayyaan stomped to the back patio without another word, and Danyaal shook his head in amusement. I didn’t blame his disappointment. After the long wait, and endless patience before I could get my thoughts together, I had finally decided it was time to see my favorite little people. His mother had said he had been looking forward to me coming all week, because I had the patience to work in the garden.

After all, that was what gardening was about, right? Patience, forbearance… and of course, the endurance to finally make it there to see the beauty of Mother Nature in all it’s best forms. This was my little haven.

Let’s run in the rain!”

I blinked, wondering if I was hearing right. Danyaal looked at me through his slightly misted glasses, and I smiled back at him, reminiscing over childhood days spent doing just that.

It sounded oh-so-familiar.

Nostalgia overcame me momentarily. I couldn’t help but think of Khalid, now remembering how he finally followed in my footsteps after my taunting on that pouring day, as we tried to get home, screaming and shouting in utter exhilaration as he sunk up the glory of running in the rain too. He had finally felt  just how much of fun it was too.

Tears filled my eyes, but I barely paid heed to them as the rain cleansed them almost immediately, and I made our way through the downpour that was very much already here.

I nodded at Danyaal as we moved along, almost challenging him in jest, to follow my jumping and childlike-splashing as I made my way back to the back entrance of the house. I felt like I was ten again. I giggled, as a soft booming rumbled through the sky, and the peltering drops drenched into my cotton scarf and flimsy shoes. I couldn’t help berating myself for not wearing my gardening boots.

To me, running in the rain, was not just about getting wet. It symbolised freedom. It was about going against the rules. It was about pushing the limits. It was that all-encompassing feeling of utter liberation, that poured onto you as the pelting drops of moisture would too.

And yes, we got soaked. I laughed and laughed, as I ran, of course, remembering  how I had laughed in glee at Khalid and Yunus as they ran after me with such apologetic ambition, almost as if they were afraid that the rain would hurt them.

I blinked as I reached out, knowing that the amusement was about to end.

The love. The laughter. The fun.

I grabbed his hand now, careful that none of us would slip as we climbed up the slippery steps. We both panted and giggled as we climbed up, taking one step at a time, now shivering with the cold as we adjusted to the sudden darkness before us.

I blinked again as I turned to him, processing Danyaal and his lazy smile. He was so open. Adventurous. Always up for a challenge….

Yes. Danyaal was just my kind of person. He wasn’t Khalid, no, with his dazzling smiles. He wasn’t Khalid, with his steely eyes. Not Khalid, with something quirky always at the tip of his tongue. Khalid always would be a beautiful memory, but those memories were just… well… they were just memories.

Now, I embraced the present. Now, was different. Now, was real life. It was a new time… a new adventure… a fresh start. But right now, what was more important was that we needed to get to get ourselves some fresh towels.

I sighed as we turned to the door, not anticipating what was ahead of us as we walked. Two figures that I barely noticed were sitting there, a look of amusement on their faces, as we approached the door.

At first sight, I didn’t comprehend. I didn’t even think. And then of course, as Danyaal spoke, my heart almost shot out of my mouth, because the realization was so unexpected.

“Uncle Aadam!” He exclaimed, in obvious exhilaration, partly due to his recent adventure, and obviously due to his Uncle’s presence. My breath quickened and I swallowed the saliva that had now gathered in my mouth.

Gosh. How did this guy have such amazing timing? He always seemed to catch me in the most unseemly situations at the most inappropriate times. I was utterly flustered as he sat there and eyed us both.

“Assalamualaikum,” he said, not exactly looking at me, but acknowledging my presence in a most subtle way.

“I see you’ll have been having some fun.”

I mumbled a reply as I  looked from Danyaal to his uncle, half shivering due to the cold, and half shivering because… well, because I really did not expect… this.

And of course… the event brought on a meaning that I didn’t want to acknowledge right there and then because not only  was it just him, but the other person who sat next to him, with his eyebrows raised and a look of disdain at my appearance on his stony face, was none other than my very own brother. Time kind of stood still, for those few moments. 

I sucked in my breath as Ahmed tossed me a towel, shaking his head at me as I tried to dry myself.  My hijab was soaked, my face was uncomposed and I doubted that I even looked human.

I honestly wanted the earth to swallow me up right there and then, and hopefully regurgitate me as the after-version of Cinderella following the wave of the fairy’s wand.

I was that desperate.

“Can we talk?”

To add insult to injury, of course, in real life, the fairy-tale stuff doesn’t ever happen.

There are no melodious proposals and no-one looks like royalty. Well, at least I didn’t. As I finally looked up, despite my embarrassment, I noticed that Adam did look pretty normal and his gaze was now fixed on me as he waited for me to give him an answer. I was honestly kind of stuck. I know I had been dragging this thing on, but I didn’t possibly think he could have had worse timing.

I wanted to shake my head. I wanted to ask them if they were both crazy. But nothing was escaping my mouth as I silently willed myself just to not make a huge fool of myself.

And then of course, it hit me. Some people are just suckers for a good love story. A magical ending. A happily ever after. Hopeless romantics, some would say.  Moved by the very movement of hearts, and swayed by the very swaying of souls, that surrender to each other.

Something felt different in the air that day. Magical, almost. After all, didn’t the scarce rain finally make its appearance after so many months? Despite everything that had come to cause such chaos… despite the hurt… despite the utter betrayal… despite everything. It obviously didn’t mean that anything was beyond repair. As Allah promises, there is always a way out.

And no, it wasn’t always going to be mystical rainbows and sheer exhilaration. People hurt. People lie. People sin. There weren’t always blue birds singing or fairy godmothers waving magical wants. There was seldom an event for morphing pumpkin carriages or glass slippers.

But what I did know was this; despite the drought, a little rain had managed to find its way through. The obstacles along the way… they were all the stride of the journey that we called life. The parched soil was now quenched. Like love at long last, it’s match was now met. Flowers sung in glee. Leaves danced in the soaring winding. Hopes flew high as they fueled on promising delight.

The dead was now… well, almost brought back to life. The rain had brought so much more than just a sweltering storm. It had brought hope. It had brought opportunity. Most importantly, it had brought an end to the drought… it had brought chance… it had brought change.

And just as I nodded in agreement, I finally raised my gaze to look at what I knew my future to hold. A great plan was in place, but I had no idea of it as yet. A plan to clear the air, to end the storm, and to finally see a sliver of sunlight in the stormy sky.

All that patience that had take its toll, and finally, just as the rain poured down in all its splendor, there was now an open promise for a better tomorrow. Some things were just worth waiting for. At the end of the day, after beautiful patience there will await beautiful things…

“I know you don’t know much about me,” he said, catching me completely off-guard. “You probably think that I barely know you too.  But Khawlah, I do. I know more than you know. Everything that’s here… That I’ve seen here… is you. And the truth about you, I know. That’s exactly how I know…”

Once in a blue moon, people do surprise you. Once in a while, the beauty of Deen can have astounding effects. And once upon a time, well…

Maybe you can have your very own little fairy tale.

Dearest readers,

So… looks like we’ve reached the end of the blog.

Okay, I’m kidding. A little more excitement to come as all is revealed and the next part the journey begins. Love to hear the rambles of the readers who have been a bit quiet recently. Keep me posted ☘️

Much Love,

A 🌸

Just a note about our Sunnah reminder this week:

The character of Nabi (SAW).

Nabi (SAW) was the most pleasant person. He would greet everyone with a smile and always spoke to people with gentleness. His companion said about Him:

“I have never seen a man who smiled as much as the Messenger of Allah.” (Tirmidhi)

This shows that the personality of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was pleasant and gentle.

Let’s revive this Sunnah InshaAllah, because it is through our Akhlaaq that people can see the light of Islam and beauty of Deen.

How easy to practise!






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24 thoughts on “Fairytale

  1. Great lessons! Ah patience. How hard. But the rewards of save and shukr are tremendous. May Allah make us amongst the patient and thankful ones. Aameen

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Oh my word !!! 🙈
    I almost had a heart attack there when you said it’s the end 🙈😂
    The suspense is killing me !!!
    Absolutely loved this post ❤️
    Every post just gets better and better 👌🏻
    Jazakallah khair 💕

    Super excited for the next one !

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I nearly hat a heart attack too when u said it was the end of the blog. Glad it’s not!!! Super excited to see what’s going to happen next. ❤️

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Whoee!! My heart stopped when u said it’s the end lol🙈
    Running in the rain 🌧 the best feeling ever❤️❤️

    Can’t wait for more 👏🏼👏🏼

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Absolutely well written Mashallah
    I cant explain how well you incorporate the beautiful lesaons of deen and such deep lessons and still keep it clean and keep us hooked
    I feel like this post was written for me.
    Sometimes we just need to know that the rain is coming and your sabar will be rewarded ..

    Liked by 2 people

    • JazakAllah Khair sister for your kind words… I def try although it is not always an easy task.
      sometimes we just need that little reminder, and I’m so glad it can be beneficial..
      May Allah ease whatever it is and grant you sabr-e-Jameel. ❤️


  6. Asalamualaykum… Glad to have you back!! .. Loving the regular posts😍… I think aadam means to say he knows the slander is not true. Like he knows so much about khawlah, that he doesn’t believe the gossip that’s going around. Can we have the nikah already 😜😜

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  7. The feeling of rain After so much draught. Feeling of light at the end of every tunnel. It’s so toughh when it is. When we are there. But surely our beloved Allah only tests does not take. Like ibrahim AS. May Allah make every test a means of gaining closeness and not distant. Jazakillahu khayr sister, so much to learn. So much insight and wisdom in your words.
    Now let’s wait and see what’s in store for Khawla and Aadam.. Shukran for not ending it so soon 💕

    Liked by 2 people

    • SubhaanAllah .., how fulfilling and rewarding! ❤️ Ibrahim AS and his descendants were all tested in so many ways… and the sabr they had, Allah knows we are just His weak servants.
      Shukran for your comment, sister, really appreciate it.
      Aameen wa iyyaki 🌹


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