Just a Thought… not a post…

Dearest readers, 

Assalamualaikum/ (Peace be with you…)

Since I don’t post in Ramadhaan… this is just something that crossed my mind and being a confused soul and never knowing what to do, so I’d like to ask the readers…

I know most people (like me) are probably going crazy with juggling school work and house work and preparation for Ramadhaan as well… so I just thought instead of me rushing to finish this story now (perhaps inadequately), I can pen my last few posts to be  published after Ramadhaan..

On the other hand I’m also anxious to reveal the end ❤️

Any thoughts? Or we could just conclude briefly .. with perhaps one or two epilogues posts after Ramadhaan  … InshaAllah

Looking forward to getting some direction and hearing from the readers.

Shukran for reading and all the much appreciated comments and likes 💕

Much love, 

A xx

25 thoughts on “Just a Thought… not a post…

  1. Entirely upto you
    Its not easy schooling,chores,kids&keeping sane.
    Top of it pressure to finish a story..

    Of course chances are we all going to think what is going to happen to khawlah?(don’t need that as a focus for ramadhaan)
    Maybe if u close to the end then do it in one or two posts befre ramadhaan starts…

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  2. Asalmualikum
    I dont mind you completing after ramadhaan but am too excited to know what happened as well …so perhaps your suggestion of complete now and epilogue after Ramadan would work well.

    P.S I eagerly await Nusaybah story I hope you would consider it 💖

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  3. Assalamu alaykum. Please do continue asap. Lol. Whatever it is. It’s our time out halal break that we look forward to. Hope she marries Aunt Radiyyahs son lol

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  4. Jazaakillah for all the lovely posts..
    My suggestion would be try and give us a few answers before Ramadhaan then an epilogue after Ramadhaan ان شاءالله.
    Also as Sister Najia suggests, you can do Nusaybah’s story next ان شاءالله

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    • Alhumdulillah.. I get what you are saying- Shukran sister, it definitely will be better if I know that the plot is more or less concluded…
      And Ramadhaan needs our full attention- I will try my best to conclude most of the posts

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    • Lol …do you know I let go of Khalid long ago and always thought nusaybah and Khalid would get together 2 people tht greatly impacted khawla in different ways

      I dunno about siraaj though too close to Aadam 🙈

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      • very interesting to hear all the readers predictions and thoughts, lol… but yup, some are spot on.. while I was thinking… maybe she should just live happily ever after by herself too… 👅💕

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  5. Asalaam u Alaikum. Making dua you well. Although would really love for it to be concluded before Ramadan, as we want to know what happens, i also feel i dont want you to rush and finish it off, the story has been so well written and captivating so far, dont want a disservice being done to it. Whatever you do choose im sure we will happy

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  6. Wa alaykumus salaam.
    Now you asking an indecisive person 🙈
    I’d love to say finish it…but I think rather take your time and I’ll try to wait patiently 😂 seeing as Aadam is gone already 😭 for so many years too ..and Nusayba might be fixed…whatever you can manage and prefer❤

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  7. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
    Hope everyone is keeping well 🌹

    Ya Allah! What a dilemma! May Allah guide and assist you! (and us too!)
    The posts are all full of gems that always have you introspecting and trying to become a better Muslim, الحمد لله.
    The characters are somehow so relatable and, unlike the fantasy of novels, glamorizing haraam and full of false promises, it shows how we are granted so much of barakah doing things the correct way…..
    This is one of my FAVOURITE blogs and each new post is very eagerly anticipated!
    So, if the posts are going to be brief and just to complete the storyline and end at that……pleeeease complete it after Ramadhaan so that we are given something to encourage us even after the month passes, to keep that spirit alive even a little longer, InshaAllah.❣❣❣
    ***But dear Authoress, if your Ramadhaan would be more enjoyable with the blog completed, then that may be the way to go 💔💔💔
    جزاك الله خيرا 🎀💎🎀

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    • Wslm sister, Aw, JazakAllah Khiar for the understanding and for the kind words. Aameen! Yes, and its my fault as I planned on being better with writing during the past two months but I’ve been a bit delayed, I’m afraid! Alhumdulillah, Alhumdulillah..
      Truly am thrilled that it’s beneficial for you and appreciated! Insha Allah I will definitely take that into consideration.. and hopefully all the readers will understand! JazakAllah Khair to you.. ❣❣

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