Just checking in…

Assalamualaikum (Peace be upon you) … to my dearest readers and followers of this blog.

Dearest Sisters. I sincerely hope that everyone is well, especially during these uncertain and extraordinary times. I truly miss the writing and the comments, but as life has it, I’ve gone on to filling up my day with other tasks that I hadn’t been giving full attention to previously.

Im sorry that I took so long to post. The truth is that I had mentioned to a fervent fan of the blog that I would attempt to continue the Sunnah revival, but I haven’t been too great at it. There’s been a lot going on but Alhumdulillah, of recent I’ve come to some kind of sanity… and before I get onto that… would like to check in and ask how everyone has been doing? Sincerely hope that everyone is doing well.

I hope that all the readers are pulling through and finding base within this crazy rat race that’s become our lives once again.

Whilst having this break there are many things that have come to my mind and just for kicks, like always, when it comes to writing, I love to spin them by my readers. Although writing is throughly time consuming, whilst writing in a manner that brings in lessons and reminders, the purpose also keeps me rooted, to a certain extent. The reminders and the little inspiration actually serves me more than anyone- so… just to put it out there, I was thinking that maybe a short story with some lessons and reminders now and then may go down well? Just a thought…

Just for kicks… as I said… Of the top of anyone’s head.. Any suggestions on what people would like to read? Would readers prefer to read via Facebook? Social media has taken the world by storm and using the resources may serve well. I only pray that it can be used in the right way.

Anyway. That was just my rambles for now. The real purpose of the post was to bring back some Sunnah that will hopefully keep me going for a few weeks at least.

Because as Insaan, we are created so forgetful and weak, there is always opportunity to refresh our minds and bring back the Sunnah that we may have forgotten about. SubhaanAllah… there is a complete way of life that we can embrace and not only will it be the blessed lifestyle of our Habib (SAW), but it’s practice will also bring endless Barakah into our lives.

For starters, maybe we can work on bringing back some of those forgotten Sunnah into our lives. My challenge for you today is to try and pinpoint one thing that you had once brought into your life and somehow attach it back to your routine.

To make some headway, the Ulema advise that to bring new practice in, the best way to do it is to attach a new thing to something that’s already become constant in ones life. So as a challenge, I would love to put it out there for myself first – and then for you- to bring back those Sunnah that have been lost along the way and attach them to a current deed. For example, I’d love to start with the Miswaak and bring it back with more determination and consistency. Maybe just have it more accessible. From then I’d go back to the other Sunnah that I’ve forgotten and try and keep the ones that I’ve had – whilst building on new ones as well.

May Allah make this an easy task and reward the little effort that we take on gaining closeness to Him.

Looking forward to hearing from the lovely readers again.

Much, much love,

A xx

Whoever observes my Sunnah, loves me. And whoever loves me, shall be with me in Paradise. (Tirmidhi)

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