I’m Still Here…

Dear Readers

I’m still here. Amidst the panic and the fear that had set in. Amidst the anguish and grief that has gripped so many of our mothers and sisters. Amidst this craziness of the pandemic that is finally coming to ease…

Alhumdulillah. I’m still here.

I hope everyone is well or healing from the time that’s overcome us,

Yes, I did mention that I had penned something. But amidst everything that was going on, it somehow felt insensitive to post another fictional blog post. So many tragedies and families that had lost their dear and loved ones and this sent me into a literature drought that I could not drag myself out of. Sorry.

And then suddenly, I thought of writing again and I remembered the dear readers- and I’d like to apologize because so many of you mailed me on journeyinajournal@webmail.co.za and I’ve been terrible with checking my mail. My sincerest apologies. I will be checking my mails and replying over the next two days.

I hope that everyone is healing and taking some time out to invest in the Aakhirah. I’m sure many are still going through the process of getting back onto their feet. Please let me know how you doing, or pop me a mail if you need to know anything. Remember that even though it may feel like our worlds are crumbling at times, there’s always a very certain reminder within the deepest crevices of our hearts that our Rabb has put there. A message that will keep reminding us of the only thing that will truly get us through absolutely anything. Amidst it all, even when everyone has left, whether it’s a little nudge or an aching pain, He is always reminding us that He is ALWAYS there. Always.

Much Love

A xx

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