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achancetochange… What inspired it was the battle each of us go through every day.

We all have that choice. The choice to take a chance…. To take a chance to change. This is the story of a change of heart, and how it all unfolds.

Newest addition and current fictional blog is about a self-absorbed Chartered accountant who is stuck in a rut of social delusion. Will Mohsina wake up and smell the real coffee?

Begin here:

The (not-so) Perfect Change

Completed Khawlah’s story which starts at:


Previous blog on achancetochange is: (story of Ziyaad and Waseem)


The first blog that was written was ajourneyinajournal. (Laila’s Story)

First blog post:


Please know that these are all amateur fictional blogs. There are parts that were based on true stories, written with the intention of us taking lesson.

Any goodness from these blogs is only inspired by Allah, and any weakness is the work of my Nafs and Shaytaan. May it be beneficial InshaAllah

Much Love,

A 🍀

9 thoughts on “About Previous Blogs

  1. Assalaamu Alaykum dear mother/sister in Islam (not sure how old you are) Love both your blogs they quite inspirational. will try to make amal Insha Allah. May Allah reward you abundantly for those you inspired and impacted on. Can you please give advice for during haidh. I’m either quite inspired during it for Ibaadah I cant do or totally at my worst spiritually. From you words you seem very wise. May Allah increase you in wisdom and taqwa

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    • Dear sister… jazakAllah.
      Aameen to ur du’aas.
      To answer your question: in my humble knowledge, in state of haidh it is said that Shaytaan is extremely active, and we should try and engage in dhikrullah abundantly. Keeping a tasbeeh close by or on hand really helps to just remind us to make dhikr. Even in state of haidh, we r also advised to make a whudhu for every Salaah and sit on Musallah whilst doing dhikr and durood. We should take more or the same amount of time as it does for our Salaah. Salaat and Salaam can also be read and dhikr with extreme concentration is really good in uplifting spirituality, even when not in the state of Haidh. The last thing I would humbly advise is reading kitaab and books on hadith, like the Fadhaail Amaal by Maulana Zakariyya Saab. InshaAllah it will all be a sense of uplifting our spirituality so we do not become spiritually dead in the state of haidh. Allah make it easy for us all.

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  2. Aaww..if you could kindly give me your email address, I might be able to help.out inshaAllah. Jazakallah khair.

    Maaf admin, I had asked fir you email address but lost it, please do you mins giving it to me again? Jazakallah khair


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